video from Day 3  July 1st    Tobermory to Beaverstone Bay


Leaving Tobermory

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A nice morning as we left on Day 3. We motor out thru Little Tub to Tobermory Harbor.

'Tourist Stop'

Flowerpot Island

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You just have to set your course to glide by Flowerpot Island. The water is deep and the rock formations are amazing. We then continued northward.


Half Way

Club Island Waypoint

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Marking the half way point to Beaverstone, we cut in closer to Lonely Island. The water is still not too bad as we adjust our course to head northeast.



Beaverstone Bay

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The weather kicks up just a little as we pick our way among the buoys and rocks, (and a couple of kayaks) to find a nice protected anchorage behind Burnt Island.


Dinghy Tour of Islet


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We launch the dinghy for the first time on this trip and go exploring on the small islet near our anchorage at Burnt Island.


Dinghy Ride

Dinghy Tour

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After our walking tour of the small islet, we take the dinghy out past the NE tip of Burnt Island. But the wind and waves are just enough to get us wet so we turn around and head back to the boat.


Waves Come In


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We relax with cocktails and appetizers before the wind and waves kick up in mid evening. Here looking south you can see the weather from the comfort of our protected anchorage spot.

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