images Day 3  July 1st    Tobermory to Beaverstone Bay

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Tobermory to Flowerpot Island 

Tobermory Harbor

The Island

Nearing Flowerpot

Getting Close

Deep Water!

One of the 'Pots'

Entering Beaverstone Bay

Another Buoy

Lots of Rock

Rugged Shore

Off the Route

Trees and Rocks


Anchoring  Behind  Burnt Island


Protected Anchorage


Dinghy & Walking Tour

Nearing the Islet
This is just a few hundred yards to the southeast of our anchorage.

This dock is tied up to the rocks and it  made it very easy to disembark from.

Rock Formation
Setting up the camera on a tripod in order  to record some video of our walking tour.

View into Beaverstone Bay

At the 'Bottom'

At the 'Top'

Interesting Rock

Rocky Shore

Broken Rock

Ending Day 3


Clouds and Rain

Weather Clears

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