images Day 8  Thursday July 6th     Mary Ann Cove to The Pool

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Mary Ann Cove to The Pool

Looking like an amusement ride, Instead Of fastens inflatables to the deck.

Baie Fine
We make our way down Baie Fine heading towards The Pool

White Rock
More rocks and trees make this an interesting run. Close to shore too.

The Narrows
Lined up to enter tight spot.

A little tricky through here.

Down The Chute
The final approach.

Here's a selection of cottages just before The Pool, with the last one being on Evinrude Island.

Lake Topaz Hike & Swim

To The Trail
A short dinghy ride to the trail head. 

Killarney Provincial Park area. 

The trail is 'fairly' easy. 

On The Trail
Rocks line what looks like a dried up riverbed as we make way up to the Lake.

At The Top
Mary, Gina, and Laurie pause after making it to the top above Lake Topaz. 

Lake Topaz
View looking across the Lake. A few swimmers enjoying the water.

Swim Club
Not a Turkish bath, just a lot of people enjoying the clear blue waters.

This spot provided an easy access to get in the Lake with 'rock' steps.

Cliff Diving
Climbing up to make a dive.

Trees growing out of the rocks.

Trail End
How did this truck get here?

Evening Dinghy Tour of The Pool

Leaving Tick Tock Too at Anchor Just Before Dusk
Our 'final' anchorage for the evening was fairly weedy, but we  nestled near shore in a great spot.

Rock Wall
Some cruisers will tie up to this cliff. A nice climb and spot at the top.

Another Cottage
In the northwest part of The Pool. The flag was up but didn't see anyone.

At Anchor
With the high Blue Ridge in the background we share anchor with sailboats.

Long Dock
This long dock faces inward to the pool. A 110 ft. boat used to dock here.

The Corner
Evinrude Island as seen from  the entrance to The Pool off of Baie Fine.

What a Place
Note the 'stairway' that served as an unloading plank for the large boat.

Boats & Tents
We spent time meeting these Canadian 'Boat Campers' anchored overnight.

A look  back to our anchorage shows primarily sailboats for the night.

In the southern corner there were tall grasses and some wildlife.

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