charts & tracks Day 8  July 6th    Mary Ann Cove to The Pool & Lake Topaz

Route from Mary Ann Cove to The Pool

Pulling out of Mary Ann Cove, we run down Baie Fine, favoring the north shore, before
entering the 'Narrows'. Then, at Evinrude Island,  we turn in and find a spot to anchor.

An Overview of the Area

Zoom Out

Taking a look at the 'big picture', you can get a sense of just where we went on Day 8.

Killarney is located near the bottom center of the Chart.

Total Distance from Mary Ann Cove to our anchorage in The Pool was 8.4 miles.

Final Approach

Close Up

This part is a little tricky, and can be somewhat intimidating the first time through.

We hug the shore before lining up to enter the Narrows. Watch your chart, and keep an eye out for other boats coming the other way.

At Evinrude Island and the entrance there are some rocks as well. This year there was a small green buoy marking one at the corner.


Routes from Above

Aerial View

This view from way above shows our route into The Pool, as well as our approximate path we took on the hike up to Lake Topaz.

This area is known as the Blue Ridge part of the La Cloche Mountain Range.

It would be great to take an airplane ride over this region!
Yellow>  Boat Route Red > Hiking Route

Another Perspective

Map View

The Pool and Lake Topaz are inside the boundaries of Killarney Provincial Park.

As you can see, there are numerous lakes, and it is very popular with backpackers and canoeists.

Yellow> Boat Route

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