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Day 9 
Friday July 7th    The Pool to Killarney

After starting this beautiful day with an overheating generator and engine / anchoring problems, we cruise up Baie Fine and back to Mary Ann Cove for repairs and relaxation. We end up at Killarney Mountain Lodge to finally meet up with Lime Cutter and Mytigood. And after a fantastic on-shore grilled dinner, we take a spectacular sunset dinghy ride.

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Miles Today:
26 ½


Mary Ann Cove



Docked at Killarney Mountain Lodge
Together at Last

We awoke about 7:30a.m. this morning to a calm, clear, sunny, quiet day. The setting was very serene, and it sure looked like a warm one was on tap. As usual, we started the generator, but it in only a few minutes there was steam and smoke coming out the exhaust, a sure sign of overheating.

I raised the engine hatch and took apart the strainer, finding lots of stringy weeds coming out the intake hose. Not the way to start a beautiful morning. I couldn’t really clean them out too well, so we decided to leave promptly.

I was now hoping we wouldn’t have the same problem with the engine water intakes. By not being able to charge the house batteries with the generator, the port engine didn’t want to start. Gina did the emergency start button procedure to get it going. With the weak battery and using the windlass to pull up anchor, the engine kept quitting. The 100 pounds of muck and weed on the anchor made matters worse. Gina was at the helm trying to keep the port engine running, and keep the boat away from more weeds and rocks. Meanwhile, I was bringing up the anchor and trying to clean the mess entangled in the anchor line. This took about a half hour, and might have been comical if it wasn’t so darn frustrating.


Stopped at Mary Ann Cove
At Mary Ann Cove Again

At 9:10 we rounded Evinrude Island for the run up Baie Fine. We had the inflatables lashed to the front deck as we got up on plane to make sure that no straggling weeds were still fouled in the props. Keeping on eye on the temperature gauges, it looked like we were ok now. A while later Lime Cutter hailed us on the radio. Jim said he was going to check with Mytigood to see what their plans were for the day.

We pulled in to Mary Ann Cove at 10:00, and headed for a spot where we had seen a 480 Sedan Bridge anchored on Wednesday. We sterned in and set anchor. I launched the dinghy and took the long stern anchor line to shore. 

A little later, it looked like the boat was moving dangerously close to the rocky shore, so I disconnected the stern line, fired up the engines, pulled anchor, and moved farther away. We started to swing pretty good, so we also threw out a stern anchor.

Gina added another line to the stern anchor line, so I rowed to shore again and tied it to a tree. Finally, we seemed to be secure. For some reason, we’ve had our share of anchoring problems lately. The main thing is to just not panic and logically adjust our methods to work. We took a lunch break at noon, as Gina made me a tuna fish sandwiches for lunch, while she had tuna on crackers.

I opened up the engine hatch to work on the generator strainer, this time in more ‘comfortable’ waters. I was able to close the seacock valve, but the hose was on too tight to the strainer, and I was afraid that I might tear it by using too much force trying to get it off. So Gina fashioned me a clean out tool from a wire coat hanger, and I was able to get it into the strainer inlet and pull out the remaining weeds from the hose. It worked pretty swift. After putting it back together, we fired up the generator and the water was running through it just fine.

At 12:50 Mytigood called on VHF channel 16, and said they were going to stay at Killarney Mountain Lodge again. Ed told us “the grill will be on at 6:00 tonight, so come on over”. Sounded good to us. So I took a bath and shaved in the Cove, then made the pot of coffee from this morning that I was deprived of due to the generator problem. It was really hot today; unlike the cloudy cool weather we had when we stay here earlier in the week. The birds were chirping and a woodpecker pecking.

Lime Cutter then hailed us and said they had made docking arrangements for us, and that we should stern in next to them. Forty-five minutes later we pulled anchor and left Mary Ann Cove at 2:00. An hour later we had gone back east across Frazer Bay, up the Lansdowne Channel, and at  entered the western end of Killarney Channel at 3:10.

Ed and Jim

We pulled up to the Killarney Mountain dock 15 minutes later and sterned in to share a dock with both Lime Cutter and Mytigood. Wow, it was great finally meeting up with them. After hooking up the water hose and electric, I sat down on the swim platform with a Corona (with lime) to catch up with Ed and Jim. We swapped some great stories of what we’ve been up to for the last week, but they had the best story of all.

Ed came out from his boat with “something” wrapped up in a towel and set it on the dock. He proceeded to tell of how they were trying to anchor in Mill Lake, and somehow his new 50 Sedan Bridge apparently got hung up on a rock. Rocking the boat didn’t budge it so they decided to have Lime Cutter (a 378 Four Winns) hook a line and try to tow him off of it. Naturally it was windy, and Jim didn’t really want to end up putting his new boat in harms way either.

Picnic Dinner in a Circle


They had to try several different times and angles to get a way to pull him off. At one time the towline went under Lime Cutters' swim platform, and when the line went taught it caught a piece of trim, catapulting it over a 100 ft. They all thought initially that for sure it was the cleat that went flying. They were just about ready to give up when one last tug freed Mytigood from the rock. Evidently it was the shaft that rode up on the rock.

So Ed sent his son Kyle into the water to assess the damage. He went underwater for a bit and when he surfaced, Ed asked “so how’s it look?”  Kyle responded with  “You might be interested in this”. And at that point in the story, Ed unwrapped the towel that was covering the “something” on the dock, and handed me a ‘piece’ of a prop. It was a full blade of one of his props that had sheared clean right off. It must of weighed 25-35 pounds. I sat there with a look of amazement on my face. Oh my. Definitely a story. They did motor into Killarney slowly on one engine.

We sat on the docks for a while to visit with everyone. Jim and Jana from Lime Cutter were traveling with their dog Kramer, while Ed and Wendy had three teenagers onboard; daughter Lauren, son Kyle, , and his friend Alex. The floating dock set up was nice here at Killarney Mountain Lodge. We were stern to stern with Lime Cutter on one side, while Mytigood was on the other side.

After a couple cocktails, we went up to the office to check in and square away for our slip. We talked to the proprietors of the place (nice couple), and paid our $2.00 a foot. The accommodations are rather nice here, as they have small cabin/cottages/rooms for rent and a nice restaurant and bar, along with a game room. Gina sat by the outdoor pool (which has a great view of the Killarney Channel) to read for a little while. I took a short walk exploring the premises. They do get many visitors by 'land yacht' as well.

At 6:00 we fired up our small propane grills in a nice grassy area in front of the boats. We set up folding chairs in a circle for a good old-fashioned family picnic. Gina barbequed chicken, peppers and onions, and also served diced apples cooked in Jack Daniels with a little sugar. Good eats indeed! During dinner we saw and talked to one of the Canadians we had met in the small boats at The Pool yesterday.

Close to dusk we decided to do a nighttime dinghy run to watch the sunset. So all three couples grabbed their drinks and cameras and jumped in the dinghies. We have the smallest motor of the three, but with the calm waters we could motor just fine. Ed and Wendy’s’ motor had a custom ‘cover’, fashioned out of some cardboard and duct tape, replacing the plastic cover that had broken.

There was no boat traffic tonight as we made our way slowly westward out the channel and into Killarney Bay. The sun was down now, casting a beautiful burnt orange glow. It was a great night to be on the water. We were doing circles around each other and just being a little silly. After coming back to the dock, we sat on the bridge of Mytigood for a while, relaxing to end the day.

Gina and I got back to Tick Tock Too after midnight. We looked at the days photos on the laptop before turning in at 1:00 a.m.  All in all another nice day.

Dinghy Ride in Killarney Bay
Nighttime Dinghy Tour

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