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launch day       April 14th 2005

After many months in "hibernation" the time came in mid April to get the Tick Tock Too! back in the water. It was a real nice day to "start" the season. Tim took the afternoon off to launch the boat at the pre-arranged time.

The MacRay crew maneuvered the trailer underneath the boat which was "moored" in the parking spot in front of our slip. The trip took all of 10 minutes to go across the parking lot, down the road, and into the hoist.

The engines fired right up and Tim took the boat out the rear channel into the lake and back in the main channel to our slip on Seabreeze. We were one of the first few boats in the water on our canal.

Let the Boating Season Begin!

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Winter 'Mooring' Spot

Lining Up the Trailer

Boat On the Trailer

On the Road Again

Almost There

On the Hoist

Note: 10 Days after Launch we had SNOW!