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snow day       April 24th 2005

We had been in the water now for ten days now and whamo! .... major snow. Actually we ended up with just a couple inches at the boat, but 6-10 inches just north of MacRay's.

It was a fairly nice late April day, and we came out to  see just how much snow had fallen and check on the boat. Outside was a little chilly, but we fired up the heater and it was rather cozy.

We stayed for a little while, noticing that there weren't too many other boaters around that afternoon. 

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The Tick Tock circa 1970

Tick Tock Too! April 24, 2005

Tim's Note: The snow in April reminded me of my parents boat sometime in late October or early November around 1970. Having a boat in the water while it's snowing seems a little unnatural. But that's what happens sometimes when hard core boaters and Mother Nature collide.


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Need the Wipers

"What the Heck?"

Like an Igloo


In the Cockpit

But Warm Inside!

Stern View


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Date: 4-24-05
Time Start: 1:00 p.m.
Cruise From: Nowhere
Weather Conditions: snow, wind, ice, cold

"Well - while we are  not venturing out into the open water, we sit here on the boat! There is a coating of snow all over it! Are we nuts? Oh - don't answer that - because we are !!!

Tim sits on the cockpit smoking a cigar while I try and stay warm inside. WE will go home soon - I hope !!

Please say that this isn't going to be an omen for the whole summer to have weather from hell!