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Day 10 
Saturday July 8th    Killarney & Lake Topaz

We decide to stay another night in Killarney and take a day trip back to Lake Topaz on Lime Cutter. Cliff diving again, and being able to 'ride' instead of driving a boat, make for relaxing time, then winding down with a nice dinner with our boating friends.

Miles Today:
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Lake Topaz


Dinner at Killarney Mountain Lodge
Dinner at Killarney Mountain Lodge

We rolled out of bed at 8:30. I was able to make coffee without having to fire up the generator for a change. I talked to Jim and he said that we could all take his boat for a trip to The Pool and Lake Topaz.

We loved Lake Topaz a few days ago, and wouldn't mind going back for another time. We decided to take him up on the offer, so it looked like we would end up staying one more night at Killarney Mountain Lodge. 

After coffee, I washed the boat for the first time in a week. We then walked the short distance to the store to buy a few things, including bread, lettuce and some chips to make sandwiches to take with us. We also paid for another night dockage, but were told we would have to move docks, as they had a group of a dozen boats coming in today from Marine Max.
It was a little windy, but with plenty of help we sterned in a few docks to the east, right in front of a 38 foot sailboat from Great Lakes Yacht Club of St. Clair Shores. Our bow stuck out past the end of the dock by about 10-15 feet. We also met the couple next to us, who were from Lambton Ontario, near Algonac, and cruising in their 1969 Chris Craft 28 footer.

Mytigood and Lime Cutter had to move to other docks also, but those docks where they had to move to were taking their time leaving. Evidently we had secured the last three docks, and those boats were a little perturbed that they had to leave. Finally, at noon, they did take off, and we moved Mytigood.

Anchored in Baie Fine

Lunch In A Dinghy

We then grabbed all our gear for the ride on Lime Cutter. Jim had his dinghy fastened to the swim platform of his boat, and we tied a line to tow an extra dinghy from Mytigood.

It was a great ride from Killarney, through Lansdowne Channel, and across Frazer Bay to Baie Fine. It was a little windy, but the sun was out today. It was nice that Lime Cutter could make the trip to The Pool, since Mytigood was not able to. This was the first time Jim had been here, and once we passed Frazer Point and hugged the wall on the way down Baie Fine, you could tell him and Jana were a little bit in awe. Jim was just a little nervous navigating the route, but by having Ed and us (who have traveled here before) along to show him the way, it did help.

We decided to anchor just outside The Pool in order to avoid the weeds, with the bow facing west into the wind. After the main anchor was set, Kyle used the dinghy to set a long line with a stern anchor. In addition, he also set an extra bow anchor as well. The boat seemed very secure. 

Everyone now took time for lunch. Afterwards, all nine people jumped in the two dinghies for the short trip to shore where we then hiked up the trail to Lake Topaz for our second time.
The kids made it up the trail first, and started jumping off the ‘cliffs’ into the water. Gina went over to an area farther away that seemed a little taller, and made a couple of jumps. I did one dive and swam for a while. We relaxed and enjoyed the panoramic views that this area has, and everyone took plenty of photos. This really is a fantastic place, and literally off the beaten path.

Our new digital camera takes both stills and movies underwater, so Gina decided to give it a try. So she directed Lauren, Kyle, and Alex to dive in the water over and over again, while she took the pictures. It was fun just watching them. They were all treading water, playing back the movies and pictures, all the time laughing away.

Underwater Fun

Tim Dives Into Lake Topaz
More Cliff Diving

After a great time, we hiked back down the trail and took the dinghies back to the boat. I pulled up the stern and extra bow anchor by hand (ouch!). Once everyone was back onboard we started heading back to Killarney. Once out into Frazer Bay and up on plane, the extra dinghy looked like it might flip at times. It would get bouncing and go over the wake, so we had to slow down or stop to try to adjust it. When we reached Killarney Bay, Kyle and Alex motored it the rest of the way back.

We had dinner reservations for 7:45 at Killarney Mountain Lodge, so once we got back to the docks at 7:15 we hustled to raft Lime Cutter off of Mytigood, then quickly back to Tick Tock Too to change clothes, before running up to the Lodge restaurant.

It was a great dinner. I had a sirloin steak; Gina ate Chicken Florentine, while several of the others had the special of prime rib. After dinner and drinks, we sat in the carousel lounge listening to a guitar playing singer. The lounge is very comfortable with curved couches, tables, and a large fireplace. Gina had the laptop and we viewed the day’s pictures. We then went into an adjacent room where we watched satellite TV and used the Wi-Fi to check e-mails.

At 10:30, under a full moon, we sat on the bridge of Mytigood and had drinks and chatted a while longer. We finally turned in a little after midnight. Tomorrow we head west.

Full Moon at Killarney

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