charts  from Day 1  June 29th    MacRay Harbor to Grand Bend Harbor

The Day's Track

Our first day takes us across Lake St. Clair, up the River to Port Huron, and then across to the eastern shore of Lake Huron on the Canadian side.
Port Huron Fuel Stop
We stopped for fuel in Port Huron. Desmonds gas dock was very convenient, just inside the Black River. We were in and out in a very short time.

Port Huron to Grand Bend

From Port Huron to Grand Bend is pretty much a straight shot (well maybe not so "straight" judging by our track) of a little over 35 miles. Just need to stay clear of Kettle Point Reef, which is marked by buoy V4.
Entering Grand Bend Harbor
There is a narrow channel entrance marked with buoys before getting to the pier. A short stop at the fuel dock to check in with Canadian Customs and then we followed Seth in his dinghy back to our slip along the wall.

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