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Sailing  a change of pace from power boating

Tom Tim and Terry out for a sail  circa. 1970


During the original "Tick Tock Years" (and beyond), it wasn't always just power boating.


The Tock family grew up power boating, but Sailing played a part also.

Tom was "the" sailor of the family from early on. Starting with the Styrofoam sailboat, he later crewed on a sailboat racing in nearby Spring Lake.

His passion for sailing developed much more, and he has since then sailed most of northern Lake Michigan and the North Channel.

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Sailing at North Shore Marina.

Tim's brother Tom sailed with Spring Lake Yacht Club in the early 70's.

Tom Sailed 'E' Class Sailboats.


Left is Tom with  Thad Vincent and Dr. VandenBosch  (Commodore 1971-1972) who's boat he crewed on.

< Tom waiting on dock for the Tick Tock to pick him up after a day of racing.

More Sailing

Outside Grand Haven Channel

Tom regularly crewed on Doc Hire's 30 ft. sailboat out of North Shore Marina.

Early Photo of Tom Sailing

< Dad gave up power boating and but still had a love of sailing also. He occasionally  rented sailboats on Lake Michigan.


At Detour, on a sailing trip Tim and Gina took with Tom in 1995. >