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rafting   in Spring Lake

Mom on the Tick Tock with Vincents

We used to raft off quite often in Spring Lake. This was a nice option, from the marina we could head out onto Lake Michigan, or follow the river channel to this large inland lake.

It was nice leisurely cruise down the river channel to get to there. We used to raft in a bayou on the lake, usually with several other boats. It was a time for appetizers and friendship.

There was a rope swing somewhere near shore, and we also used to climb up to the hardtop on the boat and jump into the water.


Some of the landmarks heading down the channel from the marina to Spring Lake

The Grand Haven drawbridge

There was often a lot of sailboat race traffic to meander through on the Lake

Close to the bayou for rafting and swimming

Rafting Off in Spring Lake for the afternoon

Mom and Bev Wilton

On the Tick Tock

Mom with Mrs. Casey & Mrs. Wilton

Captain (Dad) of the Tick Tock