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Leland Harbor a Lake Michigan destination

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Captain Norm jots down notes in the
Log Book at Leland Harbor Docks

One of the nicest places we cruised to several times was Leland. Also know as "Fishtown", it was fun to walk the docks and watch the tourists walk the docks as well.

Here are some images
from cruising to this
great destination.

Description From a 2005 Newspaper Article:

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The gentle aging of the buildings, the rustic nature of the buildings and the sort of helter-skelter of how they're arranged - that's what makes it so compelling.

The buildings recall days when residents cobbled together a living from Lake Michigan's natural resources. Its timeless appearance creates a tourism appeal, and it's a magnet for locals and visitors who stroll wooden docks surrounded by water, boats, shops and the unmistakable aroma of fish.

Tom and Bruce

Swimming the Dam


Here's a memory... swimming at the base of the dam next to the Cove Restaurant in the river channel. The river leads out thru 'Fishtown' and into Lake Michigan.

Now the signs say "NO SWIMMING", but for an afternoon way back then it was great fun.

Tom, Terry, and Chet

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