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St. Clair       July  2005

The St. Clair Harbor marina is
10 miles south of Port Huron.

The St. Clair trip on Friday July 15th was the second MacRay Yacht Club cruise we took this year. Just the two of us on this trip, along with a couple of dozen boats from the Yacht Club. The event was organized by Bill and Terri Stevens.

About 40 miles north of our home port, it was a nice 2 hour cruise up the St. Clair River, then a short wait for the 2:30 opening of the drawbridge. Then just a half-mile around the bend to the marina. We pulled in at 2:45 p.m., dock number 4 - slip number 2. The conditions today were just a slight haze and temperatures hovering close to 90 degrees.

Aerial View of Course Into Harbor


The first night under the Pavilion out front we were treated to steak and chicken on the grill. Afterwards, a disc jockey provided some great music for dancing and some impromptu karaoke. As the night went along (and the cocktails flowed) it got a little crazy:

Friday Night Docktail Party and Entertainment



Saturday morning we woke fairly early for coffee and took several vans to the local golf course for a mixed scramble. We were teamed with our Marina neighbors Dan and Robin. The weather looked a little threatening, but we did tee off about 9:30 a.m. Just a few holes later it started to rain fairly hard. 


Tim took the last chip shot in a 'deluge' of rain while people from several holes all converged into a shelter. Believe it or not there were whitecaps on the green! Soon the rain slowed to drizzle, and we went to put out. The cup was completely full of water and there was even a minnow in the hole!

We attempted to finish the round, but the course ranger came by and said the threat of lightning was to severe and we needed to get off the course. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. We will have to keep this in mind for another trip.

We went back to the boat where it continued to rain for a while longer.

Charles F. Moore Harbor

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Heading into St. Clair

Going thru the Drawbridge

Down the River to Our Slip

Docked at the Charles F. Moore Harbor

We had a Great Slip Assignment near the Pavilion and Bath House. With a  lawn, tables, and Chimineya out front.


Dinghy Tour

This was our first trip of any distance with the dinghy. The rain had finally subsided after our morning attempt at golf, so we went out for a spin. We first headed down river and past the golf course There were a few houses and boats along the banks, and it was quite calm, but there was quite a bit of 'junk' floating all around.

Later we headed back up river and went past the marina, under the drawbridge and out into the St. Clair river. Not much boat traffic out there. We turned around and headed back to the boat. You always get a nice "low level" perspective of the surroundings from the water in the dinghy.

At the Helm


Out the Channel

A Nice Calm Cruise Along the Pine River

Heading Out the Channel by Dinghy and into St. Clair River

Saturday Night

Early Saturday evening we all gathered again at the Pavilion for appetizers. It was nice to meet many new people. Around 9:30 p.m. we walked the short distance over the bridge and into town to meet at the Murhpy Inn. This is a nice little Inn/Restaurant/Bar, and we were told it is a "Yacht Club Tradition" to meet here for some drinks and karaoke. After a couple of rounds, we did our impersonation of Sonny & Cher's I Got You Babe, and later some of the veteran club members did their traditional 'Alligator Dance' which was very entertaining.

Murhpy Inn


Sunday morning we got ready to leave and make the noon drawbridge. With the heavy rainfall on Saturday (the area received close to five inches) the river was flowing quite fast and full of debris, including a large amount of tree branches, logs, and even a couple of 55 gallon drums! As we headed out the river, there was a large amount of this debris that collect right under the bridge, so it was very challenging to get out to the St. Clair River without getting tangle up in it. Heading south back home we could see the brown water that came out the Pine River up against the river banks for quite a stretch. We arrived back at MacRay's at 1:30 p.m.


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