Summer 2005


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Tom & Robin Visit       August 27-28 

Tim's brother Tom and long time friend Robin made their first trip to the boat in August 2005, making the drive from Grand Rapids. Robin's family had a boat in Grand Haven back in the late 60's and early 70's with Tim and Tom's family, so we reminisced a lot about "old times".

The weather was nice and we anchored out front of Mac Ray's in fairly shallow water and swam. Gina got out the water cannon and let Tom have it (all in fun of course). After an afternoon of relaxing at anchor, we took a short ride out around Lake St. Clair, seeing a rainbow on the way back in.

Back at the dock, we grilled up some steak, veggies, and corn on the cob for dinner. We enjoyed some great conversation to late at night. A GREAT visit indeed!

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Gina Relaxin'

Tom Robin & Tim

Gina "shooting" Tom

Tim & Robin

Dinner at the Docks

Rainbow on the Lake