2008 Tick Tock Logs


PreSeason 2007-2008

The boat was delivered to Sun Sport Marine on the Clinton River the first week of November from the factory in Decatur, Indiana. Shrinked and on the hard for the winter, we made a few trips to check on it before it splashed in early April.

The boat was shrink wrapped and winterized and parked outside at Sun Sport Marine. A large door allowed access.

The hardtop was removed for travel and mounted on the back deck. There was just enough room
to  crawl  underneath to reach the cabin. The door to the engine room hatch did allow access to it.

Still on land. we shared the first Bloody
Mary with friends from Sport 'N Life

In The Water

The boat was put in the water on April 9th under sunny skies and warm temperatures. The weather turned worse by the weekend (including high winds and snow) so we stopped down Saturday but weren't able to take it to our home port.
It was great to get on the boat in the water for the first time. The cockpit cover was put on temporarily, and later when the weather improves we will put up the full canvas and glass.

There is still work needing to be done, such as detailing, oil change, and checking out all the systems. Hopefully by next weekend we can take delivery.