Port Huron       June 8 -10  2007

This was a our first trip UP the river for the 2007 season, a Cruise with the MacRay Yacht Club. Port Huron is 43.2 miles from our dock, and we had a great time.

A fairly strong storm had rolled through our home port area about 1:45, and it looked a little iffy for a while. Finally at 4:00pm we cleared our slip with a both fuel tanks topped off ($3.59 per gallon). The Mary Anna II was travelling with us, and they left the gas dock just behind us.

Heading across Lake St. Clair we cruised at 26.8mph (3100rpm) and then sped up to 29mph @ 3300 rpm. We hit the no-wake buoy at the North Channel entrance at 4:18. The weather was now sunny and nice. At 4:30 we cleared the no-wake zone and throttled up to 3400rpm.

For the balance of the two hour ride up the St. Clair River to Port Huron the water was flat at times, and then developed a one foot chop. Still, it was a fairly comfortable ride.

Heading Up To Port Huron Friday Afternoon

Runnin' Up The River

Our destination was the River Street Marina. Once we entered the Black River, we had to wait for the 6:00 bridge opening. The wind came up very strong, probably the windiest we have encountered in close quarters. Mary Anna II pulled up to Desmond Marine dock.

We tried to keep Tick Tock Too pointed into the wind, but it was too strong and we did a 360, narrowly missing a sheriffs' boat. We went out into the river and headed back in. It was a little scary, having underestimated the strength of the wind. Finally the bridge opened and we motored a short ways down to the marina, where we were able to dock without incident.


At The Docks

River Street Marina
for Docktails

There was a decent turnout of close to a dozen boats for this cruise. A few of our friends also drove up. Tables were set up and everyone brought a dish to pass for dinner.

This spot is close to town with green areas, very nice. You also get to enjoy the boat traffic from these slips. Very relaxing!



We had breakfast on the docks in the morning.

In the evening The Club met for dinner at Rum Runnerz, just a short walk up the river walk. A popular spot, right on the river with a great view.


Dinghy Ride

We took a long dinghy ride down the Black River with Blake and Wendy from 'A Moment's Notice'. You can go quite a ways down the River, past the I-94 expressway overpass and beyond. It was an interesting way to spend a few hours in the afternoon.


There is plenty to explore in Port Huron. Many shops and restaurants. And the walk along the river and through downtown is interesting.
Sunday Return

We left Sunday afternoon and caught the 1:30 bridge opening on the way out the Black River. We led the way back to Lake St. Clair with Mary Anna II and A Moment's Notice following behind us.

Once back at MacRay, we anchored out front and rafted off of our dock neighbors Greg and Cathy's Meridian 'Miss Lonnie'. Others came out by dinghy to visit, and we stayed out on the Lake until 7:00p.m.

A great weekend!