Lexington       July  27-29  2007

The Happy Hour Flag is Up!

Lexington is definitely one of our favorite ports on Lake Huron. We try to make it here (at least once) every summer. The MacRay Yacht Club was headed to Grand Bend this weekend, but we made plans to go with our friends Mike & Sue and family from MaryAnna II, and scheduled to leave Friday morning.

We fired up the engines at 10:30a.m. after several storms appeared to clear the area. We filled up the tanks the night before ($3.49). MaryAnna left the gas dock about 20 minutes later and off we went headed up the North Channel and up the River.

A little after noon we went by Rob and Jackie's house near St. Clair on the river and Jackie saw us and was waving. It was now nice and sunny.

At 12:45 we passed under the Bluewater Bridge and out into Lake Huron, navigating around a couple of down bound freighters. The Lake was flat, and more clouds were appearing, as we zipped along at 29.5 mph. As we neared the Lexington Harbor, the clouds got darker.


MaryAnna II

We pulled into the Lexington Harbor at 1:25p.m., some 64 miles from our home port. The entrance has some shoaling built up around the breakwall, so we had to be careful on the way in.

We ended up at Slip No. 101 near the bathhouse and sterned in and hooked up. This is our first time docked in this area and it's actually rather nice.

After checking in with the Harbor Master and getting settled in we all headed for the beach, just a short walk away on the north side of the breakwall. The sun made it fairly warm and the water was just nice enough for a quick dip or two. Tim took a half-hour nap.


Part of our group waiting outside at
Steiss Village Inn. Always good food!

Later in the afternoon our John and Sheila from Swift Boat stopped by the marina. They had opted to drive up via car. After visiting for a while they left to find a hotel for the night and would catch up with us later for dinner.

Our friends Blake and Wendy from A Moment's Notice were at the harbor, on the return trip home from a vacation to the North Channel in their 340 Sundancer. So it was great to catch up on all their 'stories'.

The group of us wandered into town for dinner Friday night. Back at the boat, Rob from Jenna-Rosity, came into the harbor after midnight, where we helped him tie up his 46 Sundancer to the main dock. We ended up sitting out until 2:30a.m. 

Tick Tock Too docked along with MaryAnna II and Jenna-Rosity.

More 'beach time' on Saturday. Felt good to have the warm sand on your feet and enjoying the mild breezes off Lake Huron. After returning to the boat, more friends arrived. This time it was Rob and Jackie who tooled up on their motorcycle instead of by boat. We enjoyed spending time at the docks with everyone.

Rob & Jackie head for
home on their BMW

The St. Clair Boat races were being held this afternoon, and we knew the river would be closed at times. So we decided to wait it out and leave later in the day.

After some sushi and cocktails earlier, we ended up grilling on the docks for an early dinner. Our mechanic had stopped by to deliver Rob's cockpit fridge, and ended up changing our impellers which he had been trying to schedule since Spring.

We left the Harbor at 5:50, and pulled back in at MacRay at 8:15. A fantastic weekend!