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Lexington       July  2005

The Lexington Trip #2

July 8th was our second trip to Lexington this year.

We went with two other boats:

  • Dave & Christy (Gina's niece) in their 1986 Sea Ray 30ft Weekender.
  • Brian & KCB with their guests Dennis and Jane (all friends of Gina's for 20+ years) in their 38ft Excalibur.

The girls had planned this trip since Spring. This would be Brian & KCB's first overnite trip in a while, and Dave & Christy's furthest venture in their boat so far. Lexington is a nice port for a weekend; not too far away, and the town has enough to do for a great time.

The Tick Tock Too! cleared MacRay's channel on Friday morning at 9:40a.m. An hour later we slowed down just past Algonac Harbor at the convergence of the North and South Channel in order to hail Christy and Dave on the radio. It was here we that was our prearranged meeting spot.

"We'll be there in twenty minutes", Christy's voice cracked over the VHF. Actually, two minutes later they showed up. We set out cruising up the river together, running at about 25 mph and waves zero to one foot. At 11:55 we cleared under the Bluewater Bridge and headed out into Lake Huron, the waves increasing just  slightly.

On the Way

A great cruise up the River and then the 15 miles along the coast to the Lexington Harbor. Blue skies, temperatures near 80 degrees, and just a moderate breeze. We pulled into the harbor at 12:40 p.m. along with Dave and Christy. Brian and his crew came from Jefferson Beach Marina in St. Clair shores several hours later.

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At the Marina

We backed in our slip on the northeast docks, and Dave and Christy were on the west side of the docks. Later when Brian and KCB pulled in they took the slip next to us with their bow in first.

Not too crowded this weekend. We all set up our portable chairs and a table. Relaxing on the docks and taking in the views is great!

Backed In


Brian & KCB docked next to us

Brian & KCB's 38 Excalibur

At The Docks

Dave & Christy

Nighttime on the Docks

The Girls

Seemed Like we Had the Entire  Dock to Ourselves For The  Weekend


Friday afternoon we went into town and had some of the infamous hamburgers for lunch at Wimpy's, while we waited for Brian and KCB to get here. (Evidently they were just in front of a storm on their way). Late afternoon when they pulled in we got them settled and then relaxed with some docktails for a while.

We had wanted to get into Smackwater Jack's restaurant which specializes in gourmet pizza and sandwiches, but we got a late start up the hill into town, and they had closed by the time we got there at 8:00. We walked a couple more blocks to the Steiss Village Inn and had just a short wait to get a table for eight. The special for the night was all you can eat Walleye, and it was great! After dinner we headed back to the docks for nightcaps and listened to satellite radio.

Steiss Village Inn

"All you can eat Walleye"

Saturday at The Beach

Just a short walk from the marina is the Beach. The air temperature was in the 80's, making the sand very hot to walk on. The water was 'refreshing' but still a little cool for full contact swimming. With the white rock of the breakwater and the nice blue color water, it is very picturesque.

Saturday afternoon we strolled up the hill and into town for a while with Brian, Dennis, Jane, and KCB. The girls shopped and looked around while the guys pretty much just took it all in. 



Crazy Joe's

T-Shirt Shop


Coffee House

Weekends Store


Smackwater Jacks

The Park

The 'main event' for Saturday was our picnic in the park, which is adjacent to the marina. It's a very nice set up with tables and grilles. During the summer season they also host musical entertainment here.

We used the marina's dock cart to load up all the food, chairs, coolers and make way to the park. We had brought some charcoal in a bag to get the grille going.

Gina and Brian did the cooking. Dinner included marinated pork loin, corn on the cob, and salad.

After a fantastic meal we loaded our gear back up and headed back to the boats. Christy brought out a cheesecake we enjoyed on the docks. Great Day!

Sunday Return Trip

We left the marina at 10:15 a.m. Sunday morning. Brian and crew headed out first followed by us and then Dave and Christy. Brian's boat cruises around 37 mph so it wasn't long before they left us in their wake. The lake was fairly calm so we got close to Dave and Christy's boat so we could take some pictures of each other.

At 26-27 mph we went under the Bluewater Bridge in Port Huron about 11:00, then waved goodbye to Dave and Christy at the North Channel intersection at noon as they took the South Channel route home. We ended back home at 12:45 p.m.

Brian & KCB

Dave & Christy

Tick Tock Too !