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Lexington       August 20-21  2004

    This is our first trip to Lexington, Michigan, and was organized by Colony Marine. This is a great destination!

    Guests on this cruise were Bob and Kathy.

    We left Mac Ray Harbor early Friday a.m. with the plan being to meet many other boats near where the South Channel and Middle Channel converge in Algonac. Most of those would be coming up the South channel from area of Michigan Harbor / Colony Marine.

    We underestimated the time a little and we ended up being behind the group by about 10 minutes. With Captain George leading the way, we finally caught up  with them near St. Clair, where some Hydroplane races were taking place and the Sheriff had halted boat traffic, but let our group go by.  We cleared the Blue Water Bridge at Port Huron at 10:37 a.m. and headed the 18 miles northwest to Lexington Harbor.

On the Way

At the Docks

    We entered the Lexington Harbor at 11:30 a.m. The weather was sunny and warm. We enjoyed some wraps and salad on the boat for lunch. Later we set up our chairs in the park, which is adjacent to the marina. That Friday night there was a fantastic Jimmy Buffet tribute band playing the final in a series of "Music in The Park'.

    This is a great set up at Lexington; being able to watch and dance with live music, with the convenience of having a drink at your seat, and access to the boat right next door.

    Saturday we went exploring into town. Just a short distance up the hill is a great coffee shop, as well as some nice shopping spots.

    The Colony group organized some games for kids and adults that were fun to watch.

    Back at the docks, we spent some quality time enjoying the sun and conversation. Across from our dock was Mike and Sue and family, who were the previous owners of our boat. Mike gave us a hard time about not using the ideal scrub brush to clean his former "truck". He loaned us his mild boat brush to finish the job. 

Bob & Kathy

the Hats

   The "theme" of this cruise was Country & Western. We tried our hand and dressing up with the appropriate attire. There was also a cowboy had decorating contest. Gina brought her glue guns and a bunch of western motif accessories and went to work. We didn't win any prizes but we did have fun and the hats looked great.

    Saturday night we took shuttle busses over to the local Golf & Country Club for dinner and entertainment. There were appetizers served outside while everyone paraded around in their get-ups. 

Home on Sunday
    Sunday we awoke to  very moderate wind conditions. Watching some of the boats leave the harbor, it was apparent many were having problems. We were stern in and had a fairly straight shot out of our slip, so with the help of others we left without incident about noon.
    Lake Huron had just a moderate chop, but when we got back to the river at Port Huron, the waves and wind kicked up more, making for an uncomfortable ride down the St. Clair river. When we hit Algonac, it flattened out some for the ride back to Mac Ray.