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4th of July Weekend 2004       July 3-4 2004


An overnight stay on Harsens Island, and then  a raft off in front of Mac Ray's for the annual Fourth Of July Fireworks display.

WOW, this was cool!


Harsens Island
After a leisurely cruise on Saturday afternoon, we were able to find Bill's place on Harsens Island. His aunt lives there full time and had family up for the weekend, including Gina's sister Teddi. It was a little shallow near their docks, but we tied up without incident. This is a beautiful spot, and we decided to spend the night here.


Middle Channel Boat Ride

Later that afternoon Bill took us for
a ride in his boat.. We went around
the  Harsens Island area and  took
 in  the sights.  A really great time !


Sunday the 4th

We headed back from Harsens Island Sunday around noon. Back at the marina, the weather looked somewhat ominous around 4:00 p.m. It did clear up and we headed out front to find a spot to anchor for the fireworks display that night.


On the Water
We were joined by Gina's nieces Carrie and Christy and their husbands Wes and Dave, along with another couple, who came by boat. We rafted off and had appetizers and a wonderful time. Gina had rigged up some 'party lights' the plugged into the inverter to add some ambiance. The fireworks got underway at 10:00p.m., launched from a barge located between Mac Ray and Belle Maer, just a hundred yards away.