Formula Factory Tour

We travelled to the Formula Factory in Decatur, Indiana to inspect the boat before taking delivery.

We were not only pleasantly surprised with the boat, but with the whole factory. Craig from formula was glad to show us around while they were closed on a Saturday.


Walk Thru Windshield

Proud Owners

Starboard Side Shot

Look at me!

Nice Shine!

Bow & Anchor

Aft TV

Bow Thruster


A Walk Around The Factory Floor

One of several Test Tanks.

Hull in the mold.

A wall of bow rails.

Lots of room to work here!

Underside of Deck before being mated.

Nice IPS Drives being installed.

A Deck waiting to be mated.

Cockpit being assembled.

Formula Cafe

Although they weren't open, the employees have a pretty nice place to have lunch at the factory.

You can see 20 videos of the Factory at their web site.