Final Ride       October 21  2007

Leaving MacRay Harbor for last time on Tick Tock Too.

The odometer rolls over to 1000 miles for the season as we take our final cruise on Tick Tock Too on this nice late fall day.

After fours fantastic years with this trusty ol' SeaRay we are about to update boats, so it's time to put her "out to pasture" (trade it in).

We share memories of the season and all the great times this boat has given us as we embark on that one final ride.

And what a ride it's been.

Heading Out Last Time on Tick Tock Too

Under sunny skies and almost 70 degrees, we got down to the boat at noon, with the idea of emptying the rest of the "stuff" off of it. We also brought down more "stuff" (like cushions, chart plotter, etc.) to put back on it before taking it to the dealer.

We stopped over to see our "winter neighbors" from Spot N' Life. We had spent the last two winters stored inside in the water with them, and we would be missing that this year. Their "new" winter neighbors were there, and it being such a nice day, everyone was outside.

We spent a couple hours reminiscing and enjoyed a couple cold beers. 

Gina waves goodbye as the season ends for us.

Final Ride

At 2:30 we left our dock and headed out into Lake St. Clair. Our friends Jackie and Rob left in their boat, and the plan was to drop off Tick Tock Too at our dealer Sun Sport Marine on the Clinton River, where they would pick us up. Then we would travel the short ways up the River to McMachen Marine where they would drop off their boat for the winter.

We got out the channel and throttled up. Wow, the boat got up on plane in a hurry, and we hit 35mph, helped by the fact that the boat was so much lighter with all the "stuff" off of it. Just when you think you're going "fast", Rob and Jackie pass us at about 60mph in their Formula 382 Fastec. It was still sunny, but quite windy, and we stopped out in the lake to chat. We decided to head to Beach Grille for an early dinner, and we followed them there.

Beach Grille ended up being closed, so we went the short ways to Jack's Restaurant. Docking was tricky with the strong wind. And surprise, who should help up tie up, but Bill and Mary from Instead Of. Their boat was temporarily at Emerald City Marina, just on the other side of our dock. And then, we saw our friends Brian and KCB go by in their boat heading to their slip nearby at Jefferson Beach Marina. Quite interesting to see everyone on our "last ride".

After a nice dinner, we took Tick Tock Too to Sun Sport and tied up. I took note of the total miles recorded on the chartplotter for the 2007 season; 1000.4.

We then jumped on Rob and Jackie's boat to head to McMachen. They had left a car there, so after we got their boat tied up, we went back to MacRay Harbor before heading home.

Final Sighting of Tick Tock Too
I stopped back a few days later at Sun Sport and took these pics of Tick Tock Too already out of the water.

They had a buyer coming to pick it up via trailer. It looked almost "lonely", sitting there on the side of the road.