images Day 7  Wednesday July 5th     Mary Ann Cove

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The Hike up Frazer Bay Hill

Andiamo Group
Rich ferries in part of his crew to take the hike with us.

From the boat to the Trail, we pass this nice cottage on the small island.

Instead Of Crew
Bill, Mary, Jim, and Laurie motor over in their (new)  Walker Bay dinghy.

Trail Starts Here
The red ribbon (and shoe) on a stick mark the trail head to the top of the hill.

We came by dinghy (and piggy-back) to hike up Fraser Hill for a great view.

The Crevice
The trail does get a little 'vertically challenging' in some spots. 

Pause for a Cause
Photo ops like this gave everyone a  chance to catch their breath. 

On the Top

The Gang
We had quite a group at the top. 

The Thinker
Mary Strikes a Pose. 

Way Up High
MacGregor Bay behind us. 

This Way
Someone piled up the rocks to make a small statue here. 

Jim and some of the kids picked a bunch from the plentiful bushes. 

Killarney Bay
This view shows Baie Fine all the way out to Frazer Bay.

On Top of The World
This view looking north. This is one of the tallest spots around here.

What a View
It was a little overcast, but you could still see for miles and miles.

Back at the Cove

Floating Along
The kids had a blast on these.

Like a backyard patio party.

Hot and Now
Fresh blueberry muffin - delivered!

Instead Of
Bill and Mary

Dreams & Schemes
Note the dinghy and umbrella.

Caught One!
Kids had fun fishing off the back.

Evening at the Cove

Cooking Pit
Up on shore there was a nice fire pit made from rocks that came in handy.

Chef Gina
We ate so darn well all the time. Salmon  cooked on an open fire here.

Cheeseburgers in Paradise
Jim used the disposable grille to cook up dinner for the Instead Of crew.

Shuttle to Shore
We used a dinghy tied to the stern lines to move back and forth to shore.

Great Company
Gina and Mary enjoy a lighter moment as the evening starts to wind down.

A light rain and a beautiful rainbow as the day winds down.

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