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Day 17 
Saturday July 15th    East Tawas to Lexington

A great run across Saginaw Bay and down the 'East Coast' of Michigan leads us to Lexington, one of our favorite ports of all time. This figures to be our last night of a long journey, and the weather continues to be beautiful so we make the most of it.

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Entering Lexington Harbor

The weekend is here. This beautiful Saturday morning I started by washing the boat. At 10:00 Lime Cutter left the docks, and Gina and I prepared to do the same.

Today we decided to set the front bimini canvas an glass all the way back for the run to Lexington. After Gina showed our boat neighbor how to tie those fancy knots on the end of the lines, we shoved off from East Tawas at 10:40a.m.

Heading out east across the top of Saginaw Bay, we had blue skies, calm waters, and the temperature was in the low 90’s. It was looking like yet another great cruising day. An hour later we neared the top of the ‘thumb’ of Michigan at the C1 green buoy off the shore of Port Austin. 

We were running at 28.5mph in less than one foot rollers, and could see the lighthouse and some small fishing boat traffic. Gina was reading her book during a comfortable ride.

At 12:15 we rounded the green G1 buoy off of the Pte Aux Barques light and started the trek south along the western coast of Lake Huron. The lake flattened out even more so I throttle up another mph in the slightly following sea. We were now catching up to a few other boats and I happened to hear their radio traffic on channel 78. They were contemplating on stopping at Harbor Beach or Sanilac, but decided (often like we ourselves do) to keep going when the lake is so nice, and head for Lexington.

A half-hour later we passed Harbor Beach, making out the large stack and breakwall in the distance. Lime Cutter called on the VHF, running about 25 miles ahead of us near Port Sanilac. We soon overtook the group of three cruisers near Wankes Reef, and the lake was still flat.  Port Sanilac came into view at 1:30, along with several fishing and speed boats.

About 12 miles out from Lexington, Lime Cutter called back and said they were all tied up at the dock and had reserved a slip for us. At 2:05 we entered the Lexington Harbor, and pulled into slip #33. The tripometer read 728 miles. After we were all secure, I walked to the Harbor Master Office to register, where I met the crews from the three boats we passed earlier.

We all chatted about how nice the lake was today. One of them is actually from our home port, on the way home from a two week vacation. They ran all the way from Presque Isle today.

Passing Port Austin

Harbor Beach

Later we walked into town with Jim and Jana from Lime Cutter, where we stopped for lunch at Smackwater Jack’s Gourmet Restaurant & Deli. Known for its fine sandwiches, pizza, and bread, it is connected to Aroma’s Coffee House, which offers fine coffee specialty drinks, cigars, and a large selection of Great Lakes related books. After splitting a Reuben sandwich, we walked down the block a ways to Gina’s favorite Lexington store, Weekends. This truly is one of our all-time favorite ports.


Sailboat Race

Dinghy Out For A Swim

At 3:30 we decided to go for a dinghy ride, heading out through the breakwater entrance and over to the south beach. We anchored in two feet of water and cooled of with a swim under the intense summer day heat. The lake was dead calm, with the exception of wake from boats entering the harbor.

A few miles off in the distance we could make out numerous sailboats stalled in the light breezes. Today was the start of the Port Huron to Mackinac race, and with little wind, the boats were ever so slowly making their way north. Two years ago today we were coming back from a vacation up north and we also encountered the start of this race. It was a beautiful sight with all their colorful sails up.

We then took the dinghy over to the north public beach area, which was jam-packed with people today. After floating around and watching the people and sailboats for a while longer, we made it back to the marina.

Later, after dinner Gina made from leftovers of chicken sausage, and fresh potatoes, we walked back into town, where Mitch Ryder was playing at the local small theater. We joined Jim and Jana for a beer before returning to the boat for the night.

The stars were starting to glitter now in the night sky, and there were no bugs out at all as we sat on the docks. For desert and to celebrate our last night on this wonderful trip, I enjoyed one of those fancy chocolate truffles that we picked up in East Tawas.

I followed that up with a small glass of Grand Marnier, and a fine cigar. It doesn’t get much better than this. Tomorrow we head home.

Lexington State Docks

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