Day 15 
Thursday July 13th    Presque Isle

Today is a 'non-travel' day and we meet up with Gina's cousins who are on vacation up here. After a great day at Grand Lake beach, we have dinner at a friends house, and top off the evening with ice cream.

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Miles Today:
a few by truck

Grand Lake



Grand Lake

Woke up at 8:00 this sunny morning and had some orange juice and coffee. Lime Cutter was getting ready to leave for East Tawas shortly, but we’re going to hang out today and meet up with Gina’s cousins who are up here on vacation.

I walked up to the parking lot to grab a newspaper and ran into Greg (Gina’s cousins’ husband). They had stopped by last night to the marina but didn’t see us, as we were out to dinner. Made plans for him to return and pick us up later and head over to Grand Lake, just a short ways away.

Cleaning the Boat

At 8:45 Lime Cutter was ready to shove off of the fuel dock. They said they got a voice message last night from Mytigood saying that there was more fiberglass damage than anticipated, and that the repairs took a little longer. But it sounds like they were lucky to get such extensive work done in such a short time. They planned on leaving Little Current today.

Gina made omelets for breakfast while I checked the forecast – beautiful and temperatures’ in the 90’s for the rest of the week! Wow, the weather has just been great on this trip. Gina then used the dinghy to float up to the boat sides and give it a good washing while I took down all the isinglass. This was going to be a nice day.

At noon Greg and Johanna stopped by and drove us to their private association beach on Grand Lake, where we met up with more of her cousins. This was a nice place to relax in the shade under a pavilion, where we had sandwiches and snacks for lunch.

We visited for a couple of hours, and Gina took a 1-person jet ski out. She ended up tipping it over in the middle of the lake and had a hard time getting back on. After a while Several boats came from all directions out to the "rescue" her. She ended up back in the saddle and continued her fun. No doubt, she had a blast!

The Beach at Grand Lake provided a nice respite from the boat.

Later they drove us around the area and their properties, with a stop at the community center which had a pool, lounge, and game room. After a nice stress-free afternoon, we headed back to the boat where I took a nap while Gina did some more cleaning.


            Jet Ski Fun!

               On The Road


         At the Marina

At 5:30 Gina’s cousin Rose and her husband Kevin stopped by the boat for a tour. We then went to family friend Brent and Beth’s house for dinner. We grilled brats and burgers, while watching the Detroit Tigers baseball game on TV, followed up by several games of cards.

It actually felt pretty good to spend some ‘quality time’ away from the boat for a change. Everyone headed back to the marina, where we stopped for ice cream across the street from the Harbor. After visiting for a while longer we bid them farewell, and I pulled up a seat on the docks while Gina used her laptop to check e-mail.

I was still amazed on how empty that the marina seemed for the middle of summer. It was like we had the whole place to ourselves. There were hardly any transients here at all. I checked my voice messages and heard from Bill and Mary from Instead Of. The last time we were with them was back at the Pool when they left to head west. Their message said that they had spent two lovely days in the Benjamin’s.

Later we tried to watch a DVD on board, but we were both too sore and tired, so we paused it, then immediately conked out at midnight. It was another great ‘non-travel’ day indeed.

After two days in port, it will feel good to get back on the water again.

Great Time with family and friends

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