the Cove 2007      June 22-24 

Another MacRay Yacht Club trip of 2007 that we took was to The Cove Marina, Ontario Canada, located in the southeastern corner of Lake St. Clair. This was our second time here, the first being back in October of 2004.

The featured activity for this trip was a 'Casino Night', and we had eighteen boats make the weekend cruise.

The weather was great, and besides the Casino activity we went swimming in the pool, took a couple nice dinghy rides, and had a nice dinner at the local restaurant.


On the Way ...

We got underway on Friday, leaving our dock at MacRay Harbor a little after 1:00 in the afternoon. Travelling with us for the 29 mile journey across Lake St. Clair were two of our neighbors who also dock on Seabreeze. Mark and Chris from SeaRenity a SeaRay 290, and Martin and Michelle and family from Irish Way, a Mainship 32.

We headed out the channel with us in the lead and a blimp over head. This was Jobbie Nooner day (an infamous gathering at Gull Island) and there were going to be a lot of boats on the water today.

We were running at 27mph most of the way, and crossed the Shipping Channel at 1:35, and continued southeast. Not very much boat traffic out today. It was a nice day to cruise, very sunny and the Lake was fairly flat. As we got closer to shore, we came across numerous fishing boats.



Runnin' with Irish Way and SeaRenity on the way to the Cove.

At 2:15 we entered the channel at the Thames River, marking the entrance to the Cove. It is marked by a small lighthouse, and the first marina on the starboard side is Radlin's (which just sold, and is now named Smugglers Marina and Roadhouse).

We docked at 2:30 along the wall. We were surprised to find that we were the first boats here! We hooked up electric and water and then set up our canopy tent as well.



At the Dock

We had several canopies set up for the club. An excellent place to get in the shade and enjoy docktails.

Under the tents was also the site of a great breakfast, featuring Captain Morgan pancakes!

Casino Night !

The featured activity of the weekend was Casino Night! Held in the marina shelter facility, it was nicely set up with tables, dealers for games of chance. We all got $1,000 in fake money to gamble the evening away with.

Gina lost all hers, and Tim ended up with $6,900 at the end, but it still wasn't enough to place in the top players. Anyway, it was a fun time, and we ended up winning some Corona glasses.

After the gambling we stopped in the Marina garage for a bit where they had a DJ spinning some tunes. Afterwards we ended up at the bonfire until late.

Dinghy Rides
We took a few dinghy rider down the Thames River over the weekend. One trip we took with four of us and explored some of the canals off the river. One area looked like a 'ghost town' with old shacks and outhouses, and marinas that didn't look like they were being used too much

It was fun checking all this out.

On another ride with just the two of us we went quite a ways, and experimented with ways to get the dinghy on plane better and to go faster. We had the handheld GPS with us and were able to max out at  20.8 mph on a couple of occasions.

One of the exhilarating times was when we sped up to 20mph and made a U-turn on the river (which isn't that wide). We came back over our own wake with a large bounce. Wow!

We watched some turtles on the logs near shore and went down the river a few miles before heading back to the marina. You can travel quite a distance down the river if you want.

See a short video
of our dinghy ride


Saturday Night Dinner

The group went for dinner at the on-site restaurant 'Spooters'. There was a Harley Motorcycle Club in attendance, so there was some really nice bikes parked outside. After dinner, we walked across the street for ice cream.


A nice set up at the Cove is their fire pits. Plenty of wood to last the night. Everyone gathered until late at night, unwinding from a full day of "doing what boaters do".

By noon on Sunday most of the boats had left before we shoved off a short while later. We made it back to MacRay Harbor in an hour or so, where we anchored out front. We tied up with a few other boats, and several of our friends came out by dinghy to stop by for a while. Finally at &:30 we pulled into the dock before heading out to dinner. A very nice weekend cruise!