Belle River       August 17-19  2007

This was another great summer cruise with the MacRay Yacht Club. Belle River is a nice port located in the southernmost part of Lake St. Clair in Ontario Canada. We had been here twice in 2004.

The Cruise had plenty of activities.

We had the use of a nice pavilion shelter for a Toga Party, we used the nice park area for the 'Olympics' (complete with lighting the torches and some cool games), and we even had a nighttime movie (Animal House appropriately).

The weather was great (with the exception of strong winds Friday afternoon and rain upon departure Sunday morning.




Friday Afternoon

Arriving at The Docks
We got to Belle River Harbor at 1:40 after the hour ride of 24 miles south across the Lake St. Clair. The wind kicked up something fierce as we arrived. We sterned in right next to a boat with little room to spare. Luckily our friend Martin was on that boat and was able to hold us off to save our hide (gel coat). As other boats came some weren't so lucky.

After more boats arrive we got a little smarter, and we used our large fenders against the dock and instructed people to come in "hot" so they could exercise some control. The large fenders acted well as a buffer bumper so they wouldn't do any damage by hitting other boats or the dock. Not long after we arrived the Canadian Coast Guard boat (with all  women coasties) towed in a fishing boat upside down. It had capsized. 

Dinner Toga Party
With shouts of "oompa" the guys cooked up the main course and everyone brought a dish to pass for dinner. The togas were a sight to see, with everyone getting into the act. There were prizes for best dressed, judge by the workers at marina. It was quite a sight to see.

After dinner, we watched Animal House on the big screen under the pavilion. More excitement that night as the coast guard towed in another boat that had become disabled and lost in the darkness.

Dinghy Ride

A half dozen dozen dinghies made a few mile trip down the river. For part of the trip we hooked all of them together in "raft-off" fashion, and made like a flotilla while underway.

It was a little tricky at the curves and going under the bridge!


After a great weekend we headed home on Sunday morning around 10:00. It was raining and gloomy, so not much fun to stick around. After securing the dinghy and helping others depart, we were one of the last to leave.