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air show 2005       May 21-22

One of the best events to enjoy from the water is the Air Show, taking place every couple of years. Selfridge Air Base is right next door to Mac Ray Harbor, and the planes perform much of their acts right over boats anchored off shore in Lake St. Clair.

This year's highlight was an appearance of the renowned Blue Angels.

WOW, this was cool!

We went out to Poorman's Beach (right in front of the marina) around noon to find a spot to anchor and watch the show. Shortly afterwards, Christy and Dave arrived in their boat and rafted off with us.

A little while later three more of our "boat neighbors"  joined us in their boats: Jim, Colleen, & Bob's family, Greg & Cathy with their kids, as well as Rob and his wife. We now had five Sea Ray's all rafted together, with Tick Tock Too! having the lone anchor.



The Blue Angels flew low and they flew fast! One of the fly-bys it seemed like they were only 50 feet above the boat. The sound and vibration made everyone "hang on" in awe.


> Video (40 sec.) of Blue Angels streaking over the boat
get a feeling of what it was like out on the lake !

Christy and Dave docked overnight at MacRay Harbor. Sunday morning we took our boat over to the transient area and tied up next to them. The air show went on again, but we elected to just watch from the docks. Linda and Hank, as well as Wes and Carrie drove over to spend the afternoon with all of us.

Tied up with Dave & Christy at the Transient Docks

Christy, Gina, Carrie, & Linda